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Welcome back Adrian. I think everyone down here knows someone affected by the fires. May rain bless us all.

Yes, welcome back Adrian.

Those fires have been truly horrific and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people suffering.

welcome back comrade.as a firefighter of 24 years my heart goes out to those down south lets hope we never see another day like last saturday.

Hi Adrian
Good to see you back, we are looking forward to more posts.
The tragedy in Victoria has touched us all, may the victims rest in peace. Our hearts go out to their families.

Welcome back mate, fires are bad all right. gg

Welcome back brother Adrian, you were well missed. I was a firefighter and know the frightening facts o how devastating a small to a large fire can be...truly people who suffer their fate that way go straight up to God, no stops.

My heart and thoughts are with the famillys of the missing too. What an awful tradegy

Thanks, folks, just had to express some support, albeit briefly from the phone due to no cable for the last three weeks. Back online today.

Welcome back, Adrian.
I was on the point of deleting your blog when it went blank over the last day or two. Glad I didn't.

Amen on the Vic bushfires. It has been very heartening to see the wonderful response in cash and kind from all over Australia.

Not such an uncaring, greedy, heartless and racist country as some media doomsayers would have us believe.

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