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As I always say, bless being a cabbie. You get paid for the pleasure of putting up with blokes like that, and they are out of your life in 10 min. Imagine having to spent every day with them. Now, that would turn my handshake to jelly instead of the steady Mark Latham number that us cabbies have.

Ah the wet fish....a proper handshake should be taught to all boys in highschool. That and holding doors open for people, leting ladies get out of a lift first and not starting to eat until everyone at the table has a meal.

Don't you hate learning something you would rather not know - a west fish handshake is definitely one of those things. Some things cannot be unseen, unfelt, unknown..........

oops - make that wet fish!

Adrian, Hope you don't mind an off topic question. Background - had a driver today that wasn't displaying his id card - when I asked where it was - he tried to make a joke about it, saying you can see me driving can't you - wasn't too impressed when I suggested he might be his cousin. Question - I took down the taxi number - should I dob him in to the NSW Taxi Authority??

Some men -and most women -have limp handshakes. Doesn't worry me -I learnt handshaking from farmers with fingers like sausages who'd crush your hand just being friendly..

My main concern is knowing when to let go -sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes it don't.. Different cultures have different techniques -asians often have soft handshakes, some eastern Europeans shake way up and way down, like you're dancing..

I quite like women who offer their hand like an English aristocrat might -novelty I guess..

foxhow, contact the MOT. If the driver is a moonlighter, at the very least he's jeopardizing insurance coverage for all concerned so hopefully they'll get him off the road.

If he simply left the Authority at home he'll get a stern warning.

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