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Oh those British Roses, gotta love them. A Eastern suburb Lady with no class you say ? Get outta here.....

...and of course, old Blighty is where the Ladette originally came from...

A rear-pointed camera would have been fun!

Was there supposed to be more to this story? The front piece seems to imply a jump.

The second part is the small red You tube box Walter

This reminds me of what cab driving is so often like -you are stuck in a car with strangers just centimetres away, who too often have no manners or are drunk, or who are either too stupid or faulty to understand that the person driving them IS NOT a servant/slave/employee of theirs.

Once, I had some moron reach forward from the back seat and put his hands over my eyes while we're doing 80 km/h..

What shit me about this Ladette moll is that she is adamant that her view is correct -ie, that Adrian needs to get a life, that he doesn't deserve the fare despite getting them safely to their destination -this idiot seems to have no clue that she's a mouthy drunken slapper who should have been made to walk (stagger ?)..

Pity there's no vision of the bitch.

I enjoyed that video. I know all about the classless passengers. There's plenty of them in New York. But I don't over react. I play along with their circus show and end up getting even bigger tips, most of the time. They want the radio on full volume, they got it. They want to ask me silly questions, I'll answer them with humor. They give bad directions, I'll make up for it with my map skills. That's what being a cabdriver is all about. It comes with the territory. No?

Goldstein, it would have been easy to swivel the camera 180° but that's just asking for trouble. Agreed, though, that none of the passengers considered her behaviour as out of the ordinary. They were that wasted.

Sure, night cabbies get heaps of partying groups and so long as they don't blow up the stereo I tolerate them. Done so for years. But this is the first time someone has ever violated my space with such reckless disregard.

Dopey uppity bint just didn't like hearing the truth. She asked for it and she deserved it.

Rainer's right - she's obviously English.

Sounds like a typical "boundaries" problem here.

I gave up taxi driving when I realised I wasn't hungry enough for the money to put up with this sort of thing after one occasion where I just asked them all to get out and couldn't be arsed arguing over the money. That was a bunch of drunken Irish blokes on New Year's Eve 1987 or 1988.

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