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Nice gig if you can get it -I'll happily throw on some feathers and a bit of lippy and travel to Shanghai and Mexico to do some videos..

Their sound is almost identical to a New York duo -MGMT -Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden -hearing this track and another on high-rotation on the radio -"We Are The People" -I've been thinking I WAS listening to MGMT until now !!

Nice tracks for the taxi, Adrian -keep your pommy passengers calm !

If the urge really hits you hard you wont have to travel all that far. ;)

Mardi Gras ? Been there done that -I was alluding to the locations of the videos, and what I'd do to get that gig -Mexico and Shanghai appeal to me far more than an evening of cross-dressing in Sydney, dodging dykes-on-bikes and eckied-up once a year drag queens..

But of course if that frolic appeals to you, gnirl, head on over here:

-pick something nice out, tell them Dr Gonzo sent you, for a very generous discount. They'll be gentle, dear..

Just look at the bludgers, closed 3 days a week. Must a buck in latex clothing nowadays. Actually I found the Ugg boot site below far more stimulating. And no, I'm not from New Zealand.

Weird people, musos, (compared to the rest of us).

Thank God for the weirdos, the world is a much richer place for their efforts.

Have a look at the ME, creativity is usually rewarded with a bullet, and consequently, they lead the world in art and music.

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