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As far as I'm concerned you win.

And -55 ? Wait until you're in your 70s to say you're an old fart -at 55 my grandfather still had another 43 years to go..

Good luck, young man !

Good luck, Adrian!

Been following your blog for ages, you've got my vote!

Nice piece and good luck.

One question: how did you keep the cab afloat ;-)

Five stars from me! I loved the artful positioning of the cab to show the opera house. Good to see more of you, and good luck!

woo hoo! Good luck! And hey, don't forget about us when you win eh?

Good luck! Say, would you still be posting here now and again!

Good luck. You're a shoe-in.

Thanks, all, for the votes and encouragement. If nothing else I hope to win the seniors group! Also, for those wondering about the locations the night intro is driving through Kings Cross; main piece at McMahons Point and closing pieces in Port Macquarie.

That is a pretty sweet gig, Adrian. Good luck! You've my vote.

I got asked the other day if I could choose another job, what would I do instead of driving Taxi's.
International food reviewer was my reply.
Care to acompany me sometimes Adrian? We shall catch Cabs, as my sideline will be matching wine and food. And it will be a nice change to Chippendale and Fatimas.

The framing of the Opera House in the background window and then the ferry passing is choice.

You should do more of this, whether you get the job or not.

Your a ring in for it mate. Best of luck. gg

adrian i just read on ninemsm that over 34000 people have applied for that job.

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