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Wow, I wouldn't have expected a response like that either. Good on them! It's nice to see the force still standing up for the little guy. Sorry to hear about your lost fare though. I hope some other fare for the night was able to compensate for it.

Being a rare taxi rider, and then usually on a business trip (ie whatever I put on the credit card will be paid by the boss), I'm interested in knowing what is the etiquette / law about asking for money up front?

I assume the passenger was sending vibes about being a runner long befoire the $10 mark. Can you ask for payment (or at leat a deposit) up front? After all, other public transport options do...

Hey Adrian,
Glad to see you back posting, I'm looking forward to your 2009 stories. As for this one, it's nice that the coppers cared enough to chase the kid. Making a statement in reality wouldn't have done anything other than for you to lose time and money (whilst on shift).

Could you give us a response to Balmain Boy's request as well? I'm curious as to how you would handle such a predicament. I'm always worried but upsetting people if you ask them such a question whether they can show the money upfront.

In the ACT, the legislation allows for cabbies to request money up front without qualification. In other words, if I think there's a chance the customer can't or won't pay, I can refuse to accept them until they pay.

Often a message will come over the despatch system to beware of certain passengers at a certain location, check money up front. This means they've been rejected by one cabbie, and will probably try it one with others.

Hi Adrian nice to see you back & blogging. And congregates on 5 years. It must be difficult to motivate yourself to blog sometimes after a long week.

I had a great 3 days in the wet, cumulating with a guy down from the Gold Coast who jumped in my cab on Saturday night & said "Geeze I've tried to get a cab for 1 1/2 hrs I'm keeping you for a while if that's Ok" "Sure" I said "I'm all your's". "Great, first stop Redfern" he said. Wait till you see this girl, she's a model for ralph magazine"

On the way he said I can't believe I've got an Aussie cab driver. I've been catching cabs a lot and your the 1st. I said "Yeah I'm one of 5 Aussies who drive cab's in Sydney" He almost believed me!

On arrival at the Redfern address we waited for the model to come out. Stunning she was! and after he introduced me to her as the best cabbie in Sydney I settled down with a good CD on & waited until they finished thier catch up chat. After that it was off to Surry Hills to collect his gear from a hotel.

The rain was torrential as I waited for 15 mins outside the hotel for him. Within this time I had around 10 people begging me to to take them somewhere. "$50 to take us to the x" one guy said. "Sorry mate I'm booked I replied". Undeterred he keep coming back "come on man don't you want some money" His mate went for the passenger door so I quickly locked it. "You #@*ing *p#ick" he said.

Finally they got the fact I was booked and left. My fare arrived back with a heap of luggage and we headed off back to Kings x. It was a nightmare trying to park outside Murphy's hotel but I finally managed it and helped him with his stuff.

From Kimgs x to Kings x via Redfern & Surry Hills one & a half hrs. Fare $85.00 Tip 1 litre bottle of Jack Daniels. Company & visuals excellent which rounded off a good Valentines day.

See Ya!

Hey, great fare Brian and good luck to you, you obviously impressed. Clearly she was a lady of class!

Regarding payment of fares we legally can't ask for money up front, only that the passenger satisfy the driver they have funds. However many drivers will demand it first but I don't as this can turn punks nasty at the destination.

He's baack!!

Good ta see ya back blogging ol' son... we all missed ya. Cheers and all that... hope ya make a million this year :-)

if i think they look like a runner i always ask for the money up front if they refuse i leave them for the next sucker.

BTW--welcome back, Adrian. I missed you. Hope you're feeling recharged.

I guess rules vary, but in both Colorado and Virginia a taxi driver can ask for the money up front, no questions asked. Like you, I never did; and I only had 2 runners in six years of driving.

In Vic the cabs are all prepaid from 10pm to about 7am.

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