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I hate ranger more than runner and drunkie.

I hate cabbies who suddenly stop in front of me in traffic to pick up a passenger and make me wait when Im in a hurry...

I hate bouncers who wont let me into a pub because Ive had a few drinks, even though Ive never been in a fight in my life....

I hate cops who pull me over when everyone else is speeding too...

...its always easy to hate someone else whose doing their job

Last year I had uni in the city most Thursday nights, and had drive my car in from work in St Leonards. I try to time my trip in just right so I catch the loading zone spots that become proper parking spots at 6pm in York St.

One evening last year I arrived at my normal spot a little early (it was 5:55) and so I turned the engine off and prepared to wait for 6pm so that I could go feed the meters. A ranger turned up and asked me to move on as it was not yet 6, but I didn't want to (in 6pm Sydney traffic it takes 10+ mins to go around the block and I knew that by the turn I had gone around the block and come back my spot would be gone and I would be late to class). I also thought it was a bit of an unreasonable rule as all the loading spots around me were all empty, so it wasn't exactly if I was taking up someone elses' parking spot. So basically I played dumb and started speaking to her in Chinese then Japanese then Korean (I am Asian in appearance) til it struck 6pm, when I then told her in English that her being there trying to get me to move was a moot point.

If you have never seen a ranger trying to mime what a loading zone is, it's pretty funny though I don't park much in the city anymore, and when I do I am pedantic about having the right ticket because she looked pretty pissed off when I left and I imagine she would book me in a heartbeat if she could.

The best movies have scenes in London where everyone piles on and beats up a traffic warden. ;)

I'm with Andy, except for the part about cabbies picking up. I don't mind at all.

Brilliant Bonnie!

More video montages please, Adrian. They make me sentimental about the time I drove cabs, well, for a second or two maybe.

had to laugh at you talking korean an japanese.
Without saying my occupation,i recently told several Thai people,students,to move on from a area,one of them waiied me,and then they all politely smiled and said to each other in thai that i was a poontboi farang,a fat foreigner,i quickly replied back in thäi ,yes the same as you.
i saw the shock on one of the guys faces,as they all stopped still and stared at me,one of them then said ÿou speak thai"? i nodded and they quickly left,so never underestimate that some parking rangers may speak other languages and i know some who speak japanese.
The good thing about learning another language is you know when others are speaking about you,once i was on a govt bus and a thai bloke said to his wife that i smell.
The thing is you need to try to learn their slang just as they nee to learn ours because what they teach you in school is different from the street.

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