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Yes we did! Shit! :)

It's not shit. It's shiiiiiittt..

Amazing result for the world. Checked my facebook page today to see a list of comments (mainly of relief) that he had won. Feels like a good day in the world today.

I actually parked the cab, collected wife, bought champagne and munchies and we celebrated at home. Bugger the money for tonight I though, historic occasion it was!
Whatever one may think of Obama or the colour issue, I feel positive as it was important to get rid of the Bushes and neoconservative politics, and give peace and prosperity a chance. A victory for all of us that value living in a world where understanding between races, freedom and democracy is a desired way of life. It will not be easy to undue what has been done, but all of us can give it a go.

No, once and for all it's...


Hi Ade,
I'm not surprised you were rooting for McCain. I'm sure you would have gone for G W Bush if he had stood again. It never matters how bad they are, as long as they are right whingers, eh? Global Financial Meltdown - no problem, hopeless leader and orator - no problem, unnecessarily getting into an unwinnable war - no problem.
Do you have a problem with a government nationalising banks, insurance companies and mortgage companies? Only if the socialists do it, right? If the Neo-cons nationalise things it must be OK, right? We now know that right whingers support the welfare state - but only for bankers, and the big end of town. That must be humiliating! Change sides now, mate, before it's too late! Go Obama! Go Rudd!

Hey Adrian. Thought I'd stop by to say I'm still reading. Appreciate your blog muchly. --art

Art, nice to hear from you. Onto your fifth album...SHEEEEEEEE-yit!! Mate, pretty cool for one so young. Love that positive vibe, nice tunes. More power to you.

Tom, sorry to see you're still stricken by BDS. Have faith, mate, only 2½ months left. Were you at the big Fairlight bash last Sat? Regards to the fam. (why you never call?)

I'm working on a new American national anthem rap will begin like this --
"Oh say can you SHEEEEEEEEE-YIT by the dawns early SHEEEEE-YIT Obama's da Prez !" ...its a work in progress. Good post Adrian.

Despite your politics, Adrian, I'll still be reading your blogs. There's still a humanist lurking somewhere in there.

Absolutely great post!

Tracked ya here:

Having consulted doctors and psychologists as how to treat BDS syndrome the treatment was as follows : Open your eyes and admit that there is nothing wrong with you, your perceptions have been right on the money. To sent young men into war, forbid criticism, create legislation that endangers democracy and freedom, raid the surplus and go deeply into dept so you and your mates can benefit; you may think I am talking about R. Mugabe or some other crackpot dictator. Sadly I am not.
As a German that has been educated by his teachers to keep an eye on things so it won't happen again I would like to congratulate Tom on his wisdom.

And remember, Rainer, arbeit macht frei!:

For the BDS context, Rainer, read my post again. The tone is clearly congratulatory, peaceful and joyous, as befits an historic occasion such as this.

That one reader among hundreds chose to ignore my bi-partisan stance in order to deliver an incoherent and spiteful diatribe (despite their man winning!?), indicates a chronic case of BDS.

Normally I dismiss vexatious, anonymous comments as meaningless but this was from someone I've known a very long time. Mates, sheesh.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't misread the first time and was aware of your by-partisan stance. Its just that the spoilers get on my nerve, time for a new start no matter where your beliefs are.
James :



Thank you James.
But with John it is a bit like with Obama; it's not the person, it is the message. Come on mate, give it a chance.

i hope this makes you smile

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