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Jeez Adrian, I am somewhat surprised that some of your Usual Suspects haven't bombarded you with complaints about taxis. I suppose it is easy to complain, but not quite so easy to suggest improvements. Here's my list, for what it is worth;

I would like to see some sort of regular inspection for cleanliness of both cabs and drivers. A filthy cab and/or a grubby smelly driver is not a good look.

I would like to see a sign in a cab advising the customer that he can request the driver not play the radio, music, etc without being considered rude. Once a cab is hired, it should be the customer's decision as to whether he wants to listen to music, not the driver's.

I would like to see random trips taken by Taxi Authority inspectors ( or whoever runs the industry) to see if a given cabbie knows where he is going, can speak English or read a map or GPS, make change, swipe a credit card, and assists elderly or disabled passengers. A sort of "integrity" test. Appropriate action taken if he fails the test.

I would like to see a web site that updates taxi "hot spots" i.e where there are queues of customers, where there are cabs lined up, where drivers won't go (like Redfern after dark) etc. using existing GPS data bases and accessible by customers on 3G phones, wireless laptop or Palm Pilot type devices.

Not sure if this is allowed, but private phone numbers (or ID's) for certain cabbies available to frequent and trusted users as priority customers. (I do know about Silver Service, not all it s cracked up to be IMO, and a major drawback for me is that the service is not transferable interstate, but that's another story)

My overall experience in using taxis has been pretty good. There is not a lot wrong with the industry, and most if not all problems are down to ignorant, untrained and unprofessional drivers.

Eliminate those no hopers and the average taxi ride would be a pleasant experience. Driver training and supervision is the answer.

I will be interested to read your conclusions when the case is presented.

Thanks, PQ, that's a good list. On your point pertaining to regular inspections...I was at the Ministry of Transport this week for my license renewal. Whilst there I chatted with a compliance officer about taxi ranks and he remarked that due to Govt budgetary contraints the MOT is limited in how much inspecting they conduct given they are responsible for the whole State. Your other suggestions will be included. Cheers.

Adrian, I'd be interested to know what you'd think about deregulating the taxi industry. This would mean that a taxi license would cost only a nominal fee (say $100 bucks); anybody who is able to drive and who could afford to buy or lease a car would be able to work as a taxi driver. There would be no minimum or maximum fares, any driver could set his own fares and modify them to suit conditions (eg if it is very busy he could charge more, if it is very quiet he could charge less). Of course there are many other ramifications of this but I'm wondering if you'ver ever thought about deregulation.

Alex, sorry but I've always been indifferent to deregulation, mainly due to not having seriously looked into the pros and cons. And that it's such a contentious issue turns me off public debate. Clearly customers believe deregulation has merit but whether it benefits drivers is another matter.

However I'm sure there are readers who have an opinion on the issue and your interesting proposals.

We need to get back to the original business model:

One (1) owner-driver with a night driver. His priority? The CUSTOMER.

At present the priority is the return to the INVESTORS.

We're earning less than we are worth, and OUR passengers are paying too much.

Imagine the chaos if another vital public service operated this way. Need an ambulance at 3 o'clock? Sorry, they're busy changing over!

de-regulate the industry and let everyone who wants get a ~$100- $500 license. Minimal gov interference.

=Cheaper fares, more cars on road.

Why shouldn't someone like you be driving their own cab instead of paying for cars, petrol licences, owners, leassees x4, govt busybodies, etc

Yeah, lets deregulate the industry and I can finally go back to brain surgery. What, don't trust the cabbie picking up your wife/daughter? Not my problem, but if you need a lobotomy, come and see me...


We are Dundee taxi drivers taken 80 well deserving kids from youth link on a day out And to raise funds for youth link.We have set up a web site to promote our plans (www.dundeetaxidrivers.co.nr) on our web site there is a Guest book .We would be forever grateful if you could leave a small message. We hope that this could encourage local businesses to get involved and help us give these kids a day to remember. We are going to dress up and decorate our taxis .If you could do this we would be forever grateful.


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