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Hello Adrian,
No point in feeling bad. You are a commission worker making often less than $10- an hour.....

I have heard the same bullshit before from pommie/irish backpackers.... I think it is a scam to get you to bet the other fools generosity....

For the money taxi drivers earn.... they can't afford to give to charity cases.... they need every dollar to pay for living costs.....

Taxis are an expensive form of transport and one should not spend what one can not afford.

Thanks for telling this story..... another lying pommie I thinks to meself!

I will always remember the fare that asked me to turn my meter off whilst they were doing some shopping. I replied, sorry I can't do that, and she asked me why ? I said that I earned my living out of this meter, therefore I can't stop it.
She said fair enough, did her shopping and paid the full fare, including a tip.
That experience taught me that they will try anything on you, given a chance. Especially those British Ros...err carnations.
Watching too much Neighbours will do that to you.

When they ask me to shut the meter off and I refuse. The usual resonse is " I'll take care of you!!" .....and so I must reply, so will the meter.

If she had been a hairy legged ugly feminist of a certain age I do not think you would have been so generous. Adrian you have traded the cooing of a genY capitalist for a fare. You are a class traitor. Next committee we discuss.


ps not to say I vud not haf done the same.


I always try and tip up to the the next 'ten'. I hope that that help to cover some of the odder assortment of early morning fairs you guys get.

Maybe she was just trying it on by saying how nice another cabbie had been to try to get a 'bit more' out of you. Life is complicated and sometimes we can all be a little sceptical. Overall she was a nice person and she left an impression on you. Probably better than a lot of the people you meet every day.

Excuse me...I know that (English) backpackers are synonymous with (English) tightarses but the pound is fetching how many Aussie dollars? They may be scrimping on cab fares but they sure know how to wolf down our half the price.

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