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I'm at a loss for words Adrian,....20 years ago I was a clerk in one of the World Trade Center buildings,not the towers but the adjacent 4 WTC, which were colored brown and destroyed as well. So after my day job today I walked the route I used to take to that job back then and it was very emotional. Shirts and billboards "I love Osama" ? I'll be posting a special 9-11 post tomorrow and being a former fireman, Its a shame that you are witnessing such a disgrace. Thanks for posting the brave post brother, you are always welcome in my city and I'd be honored to chauffeur to any destination. I am The King of New York Hacks, New York City and anyone wearing shit like that won't be getting in my chariot.

Bravo, King of New York Hacks, Bravo.

Who the hell are the taxi union? TWU, or is there a separate one?

Judging a union by one official might be a bit harsh, but you're right - hard to take them seriously. Much safer to wear a suit or a Bill-Kelty-Approved beige cardigan...

Thanks, King, that's very kind of you. Send us a link when your 911 post is up.
NH, here I've used 'union' generically. In fact the organisaton is a taxi drivers association and not affiliated with the ACTU. For all intents and purposes, though, the association operates as a union.

Are you sure the T shirt said Osama, not Obama ?
If it is the later I have to assume that the organiser just came from the Bankstown base, he should have changed the slogan for the inner city.
Befitting to the times it could have read "I love a fare"

My 9-11 tribue is up Adrian, pass it on to any firefighters you know.Cheers mate.

The King.

Thanks for the update and link to my blog Adrian.

Be safe brother ,

the King

I just know you will have any number of reasons not to join a union (actually I presume you mean the TDA). Not that you are alone in that amongst cabbies or that any union has been able to get far against the mighty Mr Kermode.

"I love Osama"? That wouldn't be Faruque Ahmed would it? Leading taxi activist and deranged Jew-hater who is convinced everything wrong in the Taxi industry (like the rest of the world) is the result of some arch-Zionist conspiracy.

In short: He's an idiot who's setting the cab industry back at least 500 years.

Dan, one and the same.

Aww Geez Adrian.

People unfamiliar with Faruque should check out the following collection of links.

Faruque was best summed up as an "Idiot Savant (without the savant)".

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