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nice head

Ahhh photoshop. By the way, are their actually industry mags for cabbies? Or better yet, podcasts for cabbies that can be listened to while driving?


"Sat Nav aid
guaranteed to add 20%
to the fare
Passengers (indecipherable)"

Please, what is the word obscured by your right arm?

Is this an updated version of the geek standing in front of the 'Welcome to Alaska' sign, or a warning not to mess with this cabbie. Personally, I'd rather hop into a cab driven by the Alaskan kid.

I have not looked back since I bought my own shaver-the $20 investment has been paid back after 2 uses,and the regular shearing has helped my bald spot to shrink(it's at the back of my head so I trust what my wife says.
That shop you went to reminds me of the old Gowings a bit.....except there's too much fancy stuff on the shelf.

Looking at you at the barber, I am amazed at the different disguises that grace your appearance. The Poly-morph cabbie---now that's a headline !
Have a look at "Sedition" in Victoria street in Darlo one day, I am sure it would make a interesting blog as he has been there a very long time.

Grendel, there are two industry mags - METER by industry operators and CABBIE by an ex driver.
Steve, obscured term - 'clueless!'.
Andy, kid is the operative word. Old fella not so tolerant these days.
Ex-legion, sounds like a good idea. though an angel remarked that if one didn't know me than I could be mistaken for a thug.
Rainer, Poly-morph...had to look it up. Sedition in Darlo sounds...dodgy!

I love it Adrian! Nice work, where can I pick up a copy?

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