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Wow, that's a truly brilliant idea Adrian!

Hey Adrian

There is an election in New Zealand in November as well. Hope you cover that as much. We need to get rid of the socialist Helen C. as much as we need to get rid of Bush!

I'm sure you get more Kiwi's in your cab than yanks!

Ask them why they are in Sydney. Economic refugees I BET!

Learned more then, than reading the news sites for weeks. Great post.

I get a lot of Kiwi's in the Cab, generous tippers, the lot of them.
Considering the NZ economy has been going gangbusters in the last 15 years with real estate prices doubling, or tripling in some cases, fantastic gains on the share market, and an overall "fattening" of NZ citizens, I wonder why there would be such a thing as a "economic refugee". More like someone that has enjoyed a party and doesn't want to clean up afterwards.
But do blame it on the socialists, in America they blame it on the conservatives, I blame it on greedy capitalists.
By the way, is there much difference in the amount being paid on the dole in NZ or Oz ?

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