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Chrysler Royal ?

Now I know why cabdrivers shouldnt wear selt beats,look at these pictures taken from the security cam of a robbery in Melbourne last week.

Thanks for that link, Darloboy..

Just looking at those cabcam photos sent a chill up my spine -seat belt or no seat belt -that knife was in a real good position to cause that driver fatal injuries should he not comply..

I would have done what the driver did -give that scumbag fuck whatever he wanted -then let him out of the car -then drive over him.. and bugger the consequences..

There is a particular, adrenaline-driven, focus that comes over you when some piece of shit holds a knife to you.. I was threatened face to face, with a small knife, which is bad enough, but having some unknown bastard behind you with a dagger like that one, holding it to your throat, one movement from bleeding out and dying.. I hope that driver is getting the support he deserves, poor prick.

And I hope the coppers catch that vile asshole crook -he should pay for what he's done, big time..

You see this is where they should have a perplex screen just behind the drivers seat to stop choke holds and knife attacks.
BUT some drivers speak out against such things SO you have a camera,So what?
It would of been better to have a screen just behind the drivers seat in this drivers case.
There is a lot of stupid cabdrivers around and i catch cabs in Sydney reguarly and most i talk to dont want a screen.

I couldn't agree more, Darloboy.. a screen behind the driver would stop such an attack..

I'm still shocked by those photos, that is the essence of terror, having some c**t holding a blade to your throat.

And, exactly ! I can't believe people think cameras are a help ! How ? All they do is film you getting hurt or robbed -most of the deranged scumbags who do the crimes couldn't give a shit about a damn camera.. Pathetic.

That's why I never did console work in a Gas Station, or 7-11, at night -you are unarmed -I do not like being a sitting duck..

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Taxi Driver is when Travis Bickle pops the crook holding up the store..

Just reading a link from this site to a Texas cabbies blog,this is his quote"It didn't take working here very long to realize that toting a gun in my laptop bag for an occasion as this was probably a good idea. There's nothing like a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum for home security while on the road"
Well..what can you say? That fella robbing the Melbourne cabbie was lucky not to rob the Teaxan cabbie.

How did Adrian's holiday photos descended into a forum about cabbie attacks??!!

Goldstein and Darloboy - my dad and I choose not to install those perspex screens. We believe our best defence mechanism is our instincts and mouth. If they (passenger) looks wrong, chances are, he/she is wrong so don't pick up. Now if they happen to slip through our instinct net, then talk your way out of it. There's an art to it that is difficult to describe in words but essentially involves attempting to make them like you or not piss them off.

But......if both fails, just comply and hope for the best. Fortunately, my father and I have not been in that position.

craigemore - I do like the idea having a gun ready to pump anyone who likes the taste of lead. It would have been so handy in this road rage incident with a motorcyclist I once had, but that's a different story altogether...

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