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Reason you should have charged the full cleaning fee- he would have hesitated to think about having to (potentially) pay the fee twice.

Ew!!! I can think of few things grosser than spew in a taxi

The best way to clean up the "chunky bits" is to pull in to a carwash and use their vacuum. Works a treat.

Yuck!!??, I have to stop reading Cablog for breakfast. The cabbies worst enemy, spew of Chew, on a rainy night where you can't open the windows. Nasty!
A big hallo to the young Lady who hailed me to Pyrmont last night, is a avid Cablog fan, and tipped me $10,--. Keep blogging Adrian, at least I made some money out of it, and thank you again Mrs.Passenger.

Hi Rainer! That was me, and the pleasure was all mine - that was the first taxi ride I've had in a long time that wasn't uncomfortably silent. My taxi karma is working again!

Well done, Rainer. And Lara, that's very kind, karma works.

I left a comment -about ten lines as printed above -but your spam filter wouldn't allow it to post..

Rainer and Lara, who broached the cablog topic first? How did you end up finding out that about each other?

I always keep plastic bags in my cab. BUT what realy pisses me off is when I try to offer one to some drunk sick c**ts they always go -"no mate we are fine" and then - whoa - throw up right on seats.
by the way "cleaning fee" is illegal in victoria

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