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Both really interesting pieces Adrian. Your TIME bite was SO touristy wasn't it! I know that's the point.....

Ditto what Dataceptionist said..

The "Time" night out was a bit up-market for me -and I normally travel solo, so.. I'd rather get a rent-a-car -Avis always do a cheap Corolla at William Street -and just drive around, check out the bridges -Harbour and Anzac -drive past all my former abodes, savour some old memories of my time in inner Sydney, then park the car and meander about Darlo Road, pop into the cop-shop for a look, check out a strip club or two, get a Doner kebab, go to a bar on Oxford or maybe King Street, head down to Bondi for a geek at the drunk back-packers, then back to my hotel, flop on the double bed for a bit of TV, ice cream, and a snooze.. Bliss..

And sometime in late June that's pretty much what I will do..

Hah, was going to email you when I saw that time magazine article, was quite shocked and pleasantly surprised to see you in there :D

What a weird coincidence - the night that was published I had arrived in Sydney for a meeting the next day (May 30th). I was staying in Pitt Street and walked down into the rocks, bought souveniers (hey I have kids!) found a meal and looked at the lights.

I did keep an eye out for you when I was waiting for my taxi at the airport rank but that place is just madness and taxi serendipity didn't kick in - I've actually got some of the photos taken with my phone camera up on my blog - I tried for the most 'postcardy' look I could get.

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