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Call me a luddite,but I have no idea what is meant by "shamelessly derivative and redundant phone/cam photography"...(in this context)..is this technospeak??
Please explain Adrian,for us non "phone-cammers" (At the risk of being mocked I declare I don't own a mobile phone)

Downshifta, technospeak, artblabber, you can call it anything to give it some uppity cred. Basically it means the same subject done differently, variations on a theme to the point of boredom, redundancy. The phone/cam reference is my own spin to highlight how capturing reasonable images is available to everyone, 24/7. And being digital just means that image manipulation strips any vestige of authenticity from the discipline, see today's post. If I recall right this is the reason that digital images are not accepted as evidence in criminal cases. I think. Cheers,

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