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Well looks like she aint doing too bad,the story said she owns 3 cabs,so hardly what you would call a "battler" out working there.

Give us a looksee at her eh mate?
Then I can make a balanced judgement

Moronic comment deleted. Apologies to readers for not responding sooner to this clown.

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes one has to hate the Internet, and the ability of Nutters as the gentleman above to publicise their shit on good websites like this. As Cabbies we are used to reading crap on toilet walls, but that is exactly where this type of comment does belong.

Holy Unmedicated Mental Patients Batman !!

This dickhead - [email protected] (above) is the same dribbling wackjob that left 100,000 word comments here a few months ago..

Different name, same obscure crap...

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