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Thats awesome Adrian. As for your woman trying to lose weight, while its great she can stick to those things, personally cutting ALL those things would be really boring, but if you could do 2-3 of them you'd still be ahead.
Everything in moderation

Great to hear you are doing so well! As to the eating issue, go for it and eat what you like, with all the extra energy you ought to be full of beans so try to get some daily exercise into your life. One word of caution : being a ex smoker is like being any other ex drug addict; all it takes is one and you will be back where you left of.

Keep it up! It must feel great to know you've whipped it.

That's how I felt when I gave up with Mr Carr. Relief, and happiness that those cigarettes didn't 'own' me anymore. It only gets easier from here, but speaking as a natural health practitioner, you will likely get some kind of cold symptoms a few weeks or a month or so down the track. This will be your body throwing off some of the muck you've clogged it up with for so long. DON'T use sudafed or similar if you can help it, it will stop the process. Just drink lots of water and support your body in its spring cleaning effort.

re the eating advice, first ask "do I need to lose weight?", if you don't don't change.

If you do, calorie count - you can eat anything you like, but it may be in small portions or not very often.

Thanks folks, all good advice and well noted.

Congratulations on your progress, Adrian! My sister bemoans about wanting to quit smoking all the time because of how big a hole it burns into her weekly paypacket, as well as that sour smell that lingers on her clothes and hair.

However, quitting the above-mentioned foods is just overkill! I've lost more than 20 pounds in the past year through exercise and cutting down junk food like Coca-cola(or any other type of soda), potato chips, lollies and chocolate bars. Those are once-a-week treat, and eaten in moderation(eg. a medium-sized bowl of chips shared with friends instead of eaten alone, bingeing in front of the telly).

I actually eat toasted muesli and/or toasted bread with jam for breakfast with full milk now instead of skipping breakfast :)
Whenever I buy orange juice, I fork out a bit more money for the freshly squeezed ones that don't have any added sugar or preservatives.

Exercising more is the key element. I envy Sydneysiders and the sunshine and beaches that people can go for long walks in! Meanwhile, here in London, I have to duck into a gym and work those treadmills to get out of the rain or to avoid the feral chavs hanging about everywhere here.

Life's too short to not enjoy food and anyway, the weight has not piled back on and nor have I turned into a hungry, miserable, obsessive anorexic :)

can i suggest you don't ask a barista whether it is a good idea to quit coffee. He may have a slight conflict of interest.

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