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Loved that Warren Brown piece. Fantastic radio. The dude took me far way, and kept me enthralled. All while I was driving lost in the dark to a weekend with a fine girl in the bush at the base of Lamington National Park. Driving around 60 ks down the wrong, no through road, in the pitch black, out of mobile and blackberry range. And running horrendously late. Swore I could hear banjos. Not good when on a mission for a new and willing woman.

Feel sorry for the Mac Bank chick. Then again, I doubt she's on Maccas' wages.

Have worked just about every Anzac Day in my post-high school life. But that's the news game. And I feel strongly about reporting/conveying what happens on that day. One of the few things in this world I don't feel cynical about after 23 years as a news journo.

Hope you got by ok working on that special day.

I still remember being in Hellfire Pass covering the dawn service on Anzac Day in 1997. If I drop dead tomorrow, that will be a highlight.

Keep writing mate. Value your insights, and grasp of what matters in this world.


Thanks, rr, much appreciated. I consider Hellfire Pass a must visit memorial before I die.

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