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About time too. A few years ago, we had a football sized rock hurled at one of our taxi's just missing the drivers head, smashing the window and damaging the B-pillar before landing in the back. The driver got a few cuts from the flying glass and managed to catch the offenders. A smack on the wrist for the bored teenagers and nearly $1000.00 repair bill for us. Same rule should apply for throwing eggs too.

A young fellow in Adelaide, driving with his girlfriend, copped a big rock through his side window three or four years ago -came in at an angle.. Big news story.

Somehow, the car was pulled up without killing them or someone else.

A good, popular young guy, he suffered terrible injuries to the head and face -skull fractures, almost lost an eye. He went into a coma as his condition worsened, a dozen (still continuing) surgeries..

He's still recovering. His doctors are amazed at his progress, but he's had years off work, his appearance is changed, health problems to come..

All because some "care in the community" imbecile felt compelled to hurl boulders at vehicles travelling at 100km/h.. It took the coppers years to catch him -and they only caught him because he kept doing it !

One way or another, these morons should be slotted -either in a rubber room or regular prison.

Quite simple.

First offence - amputate their left hand.
Second offence - amputate their right hand.
Third offence - amputate their head, as they're obviously incapabable of learning and of no use to society.

That we're even having this discussion shows how 30 years of leftish social engineering has failed miserably. "But we can't punish them violently, as violence only causes more violence". As opposed to the utopia that currently exists, now that violent punishment has been outlawed?

"It will no longer be a defence for an offender to claim they didn't mean to hurt anyone."

I can't believe that was a defence in the first place.

Like the person who murders someone with one punch "Oh, I didn't mean to hurt/kill him!"

Well, exactly why did you throw the punch?


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