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gee i havn't been north in 15 years but is one of the photos of cresent heads.

They all look so familiar it's driving me crazy, that bridge is definitely familiar. Gah. How frustrating.

However, do I score a point for guessing the
Regent Street Gas, Guts and Go is that servo where all the cabbies stop to fill up and it has a tiny restaurant called Michael's or something?

F3 Freeway
Rydges - Port Macquarie (Hastings River in Background)
Flynn's Beach

g'day mate,
just stumbled upon your website/blog, and i must say that i salute you! there should be more cabbies in australia like you. you seem like a very respectable bloke. have a great day, everyday!

G'day... sure looks like ya livin' it up there, ol' son... have fun :-)

bread, egg, sausage.
Is that bacon on the left? That looks tasty!

I'm not even going to attampt to guess at any of the places, but that looks like exactly the place I need to be right now!

How the hell are you going to manage to drag yourself back to the harsh reality of living and working in Sydney?

I hope you're enjoying yourself, enjoy your well deserved break!

looks great! delicious seafood platter YUM

I have no idea where any of them are, but very nice.

What Nashdale said, whatever, I been there.
Waht bright spark thought up the idea of plonk'n thaty green thingy on the snags and eggs, gees.

Localities revealed on Tuesday.

Haven't been up that way since several years before I moved to Perth in 1989, but here goes.

The bridge could be the one at Karuah, or the one over the Manning into Taree. Don't remember the approach being so long, though. The other could be the one at Forster/Tuncurry.

Couldn't even hazard a guess at the rest.

Mate, I just got back from a 10 day holiday in PMQ myself. I now have two immediate family members living there, so accommodation is cheap!

Probably won't belong before I pack up and head up there for good myself.

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