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Yeah, me too. We work hard, don't get enough sleep and look forward to the drag that is January, when most Passengers and Journalist's are on holiday's. Sorry to anyone that is left behind, especially the people that have worked and got stuck in the madness, as always we will try to spot you and get you home safely.

Man.... how many other jobs pay so little yet get such scrutiny....

All these complainers should get a job as a bailee driver and see why there is such a shortage of drivers.....

THE PUBLIC DESERVES THE SERVICE THEY GET! I think this is Y gen thinking.... the y gen believe they have a right to services at any time for a low price.....

This is a FREE ENTERRPISE economy..... supply and demand... PAY MORE and you will get more...

I remember working NEW YEARS NIGHT in 2004/2005 and people asked if they could book me later.... I SAID OK - but you need to pay me a NEW YEARS BOOKING FEE of $30- to make it worth my while....

NOT 1 Stingy lowlife was prepared to pay this $30- .... well please queue up with the rest of your LOSER friends......

SUPPLY AND DEMAND..... why not try and give a driver the incentive to pick you up at a set time!!!!

THE PUBLIC DESERVES THE GOVERNMENT THEY VOTED IN.... THE PUBLIC DESERVES THE TAXI INDUSTRY WE HAVE.... and personally I could not think of a nicer bunch of people to get this level of service!!!!!

I'm curious if there's a black taxi market in Australia, Sydney in particular? While on holidays in Europe earlier in the year i was amazed at the number of black taxi's available in many European cities, yet i don't believe i've seen this in Sydney. Maybe i'll start one and satisfy those unfortunates that can't seem to find a cab, you know, SUPPLY AND DEMAND and all that.. i could make a mint.

Haha. Make a mint. Good one Hustla. That's why every cabbie is going home to their mansion in Vaucluse. Goes to show much you know about the cab industry.

Notice all this cab bashing occurs during the December peak period. But disgruntled passengers (gen Y) never whinge about a shortage during winter and the down period do you? Hotels and other related services hike up their prices during the peak periods and everyone accepts it. Why shouldn't be this the case for cabbies?

Nice one Hustla....
If you are caught in Australia with a PIRATE TAXI I believe the fine is worse than 20Kg of cocaine.....

Australian regulations are very very severe.....

Just like in Singapore - NO PIRATE TAXIS..... ummm.... that is because they will WACK you with a stick if you do that!!!!

In Singapore you can get wacked for chewing chewing gum in public.....

We have "pirate taxis" in Adelaide -they're called Limousine Services..

They can't pick up hails, or use the ranks (except on some very busy New Years Eves), and they don't have meters, but they can be booked -all the punter has to do is call a Limo from the pub, and it turns up like a taxi, with a set fare for a given distance, or a negotiated fare -and the cars are clean, plush and the drivers correspondingly humble...

And the owners don't have to part with $300,000 or whatever for a plate to get started...

As Nam says, there are too many cabs in the slow periods, and too few in the busy, and governments and customers don't choose to fix it, so the status quo will continue.

I don't know about all the other Readers of cab-log but I myself am getting a bit tiered of you Paul. Please take it from someone that has been out and about in a cab for many Years, if you are a nice fellow and treat your general public with respect they will return the favour, and yes sometimes you will get a dickhead but they are not the norm.
Your new job, would that involve being a security guard? And you are right, they do deserve the government they voted in---for they are fair and generous people.

I don't know about all the other Readers of cab-log but I myself am getting a bit tired of you Paul.

Indeed. Paul, I don't like banning readers but you've become a really negative and annoying commenter. I suggest you either lighten up - try looking on the bright side for a change - or find some other blog to annoy. Consider this your last chance. Thanks.

the govt loves the media bagging cabbies at this time of year as all the once a year taxi riders whinge that its hard to find a cab.the govt loves it because it takes the heat of them about how poor the public transport(buses,ferries and trains)is in sydney.the next time a news limited journo hails me down surry hills way i think i'll just give them the finger,now that will give them something to write about.

I don't see why the blame is heaped on the public, or the drivers for that matter. I order cabs year round, and generally find it a pleasant experience. My tip for the silly season which has been working well for me so far, is booking in advance on the net, especially if I have a few places to be in one night. Just gotta be organised. And sure, I'd pay $30 to book a cab on NYE. It sure beats waiting around in lines long after you're ready to call it a night.

Thanks Adrian, I just try and tell the truth and I get hosed down.... that is a real kick in the guts.... AT LEAST YOU CAN'T STOP THE CAB AND KICK ME OUT!!!!

I love this blog and come here everyday.... I enjoy reading Adrian's comments HOWEVER I like to add a bit of truth to the postings....

Also I want to inform any LURKERS who might want to drive cabs! I think they deserve to know the truth about the taxi industry.


Kind regards and God bless.

Paul, it’s bollocks you’re ‘trying to tell the truth’ about the industry. Rather, you’re clearly attempting to assuage your own failure as a cabbie, via Cablog.

You’ve treat this site like a personal dumping ground for negative shit no one cares about, yelling hysterically with boorish CAPITALS and inane !!!!!. Grow up.

You want to bitch about the taxi industry? Find an industry forum.

In case you hadn’t noticed Cablog is primarily about human interest stories, about ordinary people like the readers who you’ve abused and offended by labelling them ‘stingy low-lifes’ and ‘losers’.

Then there's your constant belittling of myself and 15,000 other Sydney cabbies who've had a go and make a living driving cabs.


No, but this ain’t a cab. It’s a website operated by me at some expense, time and effort. I gave you fair warning, now you’re banned from commenting. Try and post anonymously and you’ll be banned from Cablog altogether.

Paul and I have reached a mutual understanding over commenting decorum and he is again free to join the commentary. Welcome back, mate.

I think they're all a bunch of whingers.
I was in the city Friday and Saturday night and we "sacrificed" by having someone drive each night and had no problems. Sure the traffic was heavy, its party season, you've got to expect that. Parking wasn't even too bad.

People should stop expecting everything to be ready for them at the drop of a hat when and where they want it.

I DO agree with Manly.cabbie though that people whining about cabs disguises the fact that public transport should be miles better than it is.

"People should stop expecting everything to be ready for them at the drop of a hat when and where they want it."

Yes, god forbid we could try a different system that has been proven to work everywhere else in the world. Let's stick with good old taxi regulation, it serves us SO WELL!

You people are mindless sheep.

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