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What the hell was that? Another yank variation on the old "Candid Camera" theme?

My God, American television really needs to take a long, hard look at itself -or the government needs to regulate it -this example is way, way out of line. Outrageous.

Being a sufferer of PTSD, and 130kg/195cm, I would have ripped that second "driver's" head off to make him pull over, then promptly sued the production company for exacerbation of my PTSD, nervous shock, false imprisonment, and whatever else I could think of..

No kidding -would you just laugh it off, murmur "Good one, guys", and let yourself be broadcast on TV crapping your pants? Just watching this clip has made me feel ill, re-living being caught in a stairwell, unarmed, by a knife-wielding "ice" crazed madman, unable to escape.. PTSD is a bummer.

Sick is an understatement for this crap, how do the producers think they have the right to subject people to this sort of trauma in the name of "entertainment"?

The weirdest thing is I kept thinking "what a c**p actress than Shannen Doherty girl is" through the clip. Turns out she wasn't acting....

I can't believe that in a country rife with litigation that they can get away with that. I would have been absolutely terrified and not in any way willing to laugh it off.

From Wikipedia: "In May 2003, the creators of the show Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey were supposedly sued by a Los Angeles woman named Kara Blanc, (see Kara Blanc vs. Tri Crown Productions), who claimed that she suffered severe psychological distress as the result of a prank performed on her. In her case, Kara and her friend were terrified by an alien. The lawsuit was apparently dismissed February 15, 2005."

The show was off the air since 2006.

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