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Low: C'est la vie. How many customers leave tips anyway?

Lower: What tree vandals don't seem to get is that trees ARE part of the view.

Lowest: Don't know how you have the guts to be a cabbie with these scary stories. Keep safe

There are some horrible people around. Anyone familiar with bogans of Victoria will probably know the suburb of Lilydale. On my way home from high school as a thirteen year old one day, a guy put a knife to my throat on a crowded train because I was "looking at [his] fuckin' girlfriend like that". Which was like... Well, who knows? Then he spat in my face, which was also lovely. This was around 4pm.

Considering the clear instability of people like this I'm surprised there are not more incidences of cabbie violence. It's horrible nevertheless :(

I thank god and anyone else you care to pray to have never been held up and I hope it stays that way.

I have however had knives in my taxi on 2 occasions that I know of. The first time the pax 2 aboriginals exited my cab committed a break and enter and assaulted a guy almost killing him and I had to go to court to give evidence.

The second time I wrote about on my blog. My pax had a knife

Stay Safe Adrian

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