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What is wrong with that.... NOTHING...

At least you always put $0-50 in the jar.... therefore you are allowed to take a little in times of need.....

I think it is fine! Don't panic!


You should've taken the whole 50c back and waited for your 20c change.

ESPECIALLY if the owner has the staff on WorkChoices AWAs with no weekend/night/public holiday penalties -- penalty rates, are after all, the reason for the surcharge. If they're not being paid, there's no reason to add the extra charge.

Actually, on second thoughts, ALFONSO should've taken the 30c from the tip jar and topped up your money, especially after all the good raps (and 50c tips!) you've given the joint!

gotta agree. You should have paid for the coffee then dropped the 20c in the tip jar.

Wish I could find decent coffee for $3 here in Perth. Anything worth drinking starts at $4 around here and the coffee at the International Airport made by complete idiots is $4.50

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