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adrian may, or may not, get free coffee for the rest of his life whenever I'm on. Thanks for the link!

Don't worry.... there is a depth to your writing that simply needs age to acquire....

Just like a vintage wine takes age to mature.....

I don't think any young punk is going to replace your skill!

Kind regards,


PS - Adrian gave me a 2nd chance if I promised to be more positive. NO MORE NEGATIVITY!

Actually Adrain..... he is dam good!
He also has an excellent style.....

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for that link, most interesting, and well written. :)
A bookmark for the future.

Well written indeed - added to my list of blogs to lurk on. :)

Barista has been added to my bookmarks - thanks for giving me the nod.

adrian where do you get a good coffee late at night in sydney.

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