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No way in the world should he have been fined.

I hope he opted to contest the ticket.

He should definitely not have been fined. Not until women stop wandering around Sydney in bikinis.

You've just gotta luv society's double standards.

A few years back there was a TropFest short film based on this subject.
It was titled something like "how far from the beach can you go in your undies".
Pretty funny too.
And the answer? Well he did manage to get on an plane, so I guess there is no limit...

Adelaide clubs. This weekend. 3/4 length shorts. No entry...anywhere. Should have worn a bikini.

The Transit Police seem to have been issued with intructions to issue fines regardless of whether exuses are reasonable, unreasonable or anything in between. He sure should have appealed it, he would not need a Lawyer, just himself and his explanation to magistrate. A dismissal of the case would be better than odds on.

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