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Great dispatch adrian.
Australia media needs more positive stories such as this one about immigrants and asylum seekers. Most people coming to this country just want to make an honest living and are thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Hello Adrian,
YES - hence the reason I hated picking up these "sorts" of people..... people who complain about the flag fall (nothing against migrants) - very low class.....
I remember X-mas 2004 and a customer complaining about the $5-70 flag fall.... I just said - AND YOU WANT TO WORK X-MAS ?
I think I made $150- for the shift.... not really worth doing.....
Thank god I got out of the industry... what a shit industry.....

Just curious Paul Pluta:

You are right, cab driving is poorly paid, you have to deal with strangers constantly, but do you realise you've used every comment to make the same point?

I think every reader of this blog knows by now that you'd rather work as a crash test dummy than drive cabs...

Paul, if you continue using Cablog to treat post-cabbie disorder, then I'm going to charge you therapy fees. Mate, give it up, enjoy your freedom from cab driving.

I agree Goldstein, its getting very tiresome.

$10 a hour come on adrian i don't think any tax inspectors read this for mr pluta good thing you did get out of the industry.

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