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Let me be the first to say... "Congrats on a great, and entertaining, job with Cabpoll" ! :-)

Hello Adrian,
Well done on an excellent job... I hope you got paid for this effort?

I know the feeling of forgetting the day / time.... once when I was driving cabs (doing the 4:00am start)..... I went to bed at 6:00pm and the phone rang at 9:00 pm.... I looked at the clock radio and I thought - so sh_t it is 9:00 am...... I did not realise until 15 mins later that it was 9:00pm and I still had much time (AND SLEEP!) till I started work.

I don't think there is any other job as lowly paid and demanding as taxi driving.... what a crap way to make a living....

No AWA - no Union..... just a crappy bailee agreement where the driver earns about $8- an hour (after GST), gets no super, no paid holidays, no NOTHING! .... just abusive, weird, low life customers....

I can not understand why anybody would pay $350,000 for a taxi plate when the hourly rate is so crap....

Adrain - have you thought about getting a better job? Any chances of a media career? Any TV parts..... anything besides this crap?

You are much better than this......

I would like to join with Ian in offering congratulations on the Cabpoll reports. Informative and entertaining.

Two things i have learned about elections over the years are that two groups of people get it right, cabbies and bookies.

Sounds like you might benefit from a week or two on the coast somewhere with nothing more pressing than getting the fishing gear ready and ensuring the beer is cold.

Adrian, I used to hallucinate when I was tired late at night when I was driving cabs. Everything on the side of the road starts to look like someone hailing you.

Yeah, the sleep-deprivation-hallucinations are pretty wack -I used to drive Sydney-Adelaide at night, across the Hay Plains, leaving Surry Hills after a long day.. by Balranald I'd be seeing Bob Hawke's head instead of the Gum trees at the side of the highway, I'd be seeing St Kilda Road in the middle of bloody nowhere, seeing walls in front of me, sometimes I'd be just too tired, and I'd get a room at Pinnaroo -the single bed felt like heaven..

No wonder sleep-deprivation is one of the CIA torture techniques in Iraq..

Thanks folks, this was marathon exercise and well worth it; professionally, personally and financially. It was especially gratifying to receive plaudits from media peers plus encouragment to provide content whenever the opportunity arises, so I feel very fortunate.

The current Christmas period means the North Coast holiday is delayed, so instead I celebrated yesterday by taking it off and sleeping all day. I figured it would have been un-Australian not to.

This gave me the chance to watch the soccer last night involving David Beckham. Apparently there were others playing but I didn't care. What a star.

Hi Adrian,
Well done on the Cabpoll pieces. They made interesting reading. You actually picked the result, including Howard losing his own seat! I remember that you picked Latham last time, so you have improved in the prediction stakes. I must say that I have missed your political commentary on Cablog, but I do understand why you have dropped it. I enjoyed the 'cheer squad for Howard, Bush (even Reagan)' mentality of you and many of the commenters back in 2004, and enjoyed trying to put my own comment in reply, and being called a 'troll' as a result. Adrian, where are you having the wake for the 'man of steal'? I'll shout you one (bugger it, I'll shout you two) if you tell me where it is.
Now that the 'lefties' have got in, will you be resuming your political commentary on Cablog? As you once said, it is easier to criticise than to support, and no doubt you will have plenty of fodder, as interest rates move up to 20%, and unemployment to 10% and we start having huge budget deficits (after Gillard rolls Rudd in a few months time) as they always do under Labor.

I remember that you picked Latham last time, so you have improved in the prediction stakes.

Tom, I expressed optimism for Latham when he was first elected Opposition leader. How embarrassment! As I did in Monday's Cabpoll for Rudd as PM.

However, I actually picked Howard to win last time...

...last week there was renewed hope and momentum for Labor. However this week, after the excitement and cold assessments of Medicare Gold, I can report the fervour for Labor has diminished somewhat. Now, only hardened loyalists are confidently predicting a Labor victory. This then leaves the only conclusion to be drawn from my passengers - a Howard win by a spiders dick.

Yet Cabpoll is not about predictions per se, but rather reports on the pertinent campaign issues amongst passengers.

As for previous political content that was some temporary fun under the Man of Lettuce banner. Now Cablog is more inclusive and non-alienating. Thanks for reminding me to change the URL.

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