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I've not heard of it, but unless your radio is encrypted he would be exposing himself to being liable if it was fraudulently used, as under the terms of use you have to take all reasonable steps to protect the security features of the card.

Given the secure nature of modern mobile phones, he should have just insisted that you phone for authorisation.

I've heard a cabbie's similer story, a very decent young went to west Pendle Hill from city, using fake card, sure, not went through, he insisted the ftpose machine's problem and run. You can't judge a person by looking or where he works.

You had to put his credit card number over the air? If it's just analog radio, then he's right, anyone could grab it. It's a similar problem on the internet, which is why you need that padlock - many computers receive the packets you're sending, so if it's not encrypted, people with packet sniffers can pick up your credit card details, password, etc.

Yep I agree, totally possible, he may have been bitten once before. I've recently had my eBay account hacked, which was not fun, considering how secure eBay is meant to be.

yes scanners these days even pick up digital radios so be wary of even giving you name over the radio same goes for things you say on your mobile phone you don't know who's listening.In my real job we can even pin point where your calling from.

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