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Woo hoo! I'm not driving tonight, so I'll be watching with keen interest!

Of those who express an (unasked) opinion on the election, very few of the passengers in my Canberra cab think Howard will lose. Most people think that Rudd has done very well, but he's not going to win the election just by keeping his head down and smiling.

Me, I think that the only Labor leaders to win from Opposition have been leaders of huge charisma like Whitlam and Hawke.

Just programmed a reminder to watch it into my phone. Good luck!

really enjoying your cab poll blog on ninemsn..pity you can post comments there ...or link back to yours ?

most cabbies I've asked (and I'm in Waterloo, btw) say it's a returning Government

Where do I go after I click ninemsm? I can't find it. Sorry.

Tom, the ninemsm link is to their election page with my link in sidebar under Cabpoll. Otherwise try the last link in this post which deep links into my page. There you'll find two links, with a deep link at the end of my report.

What did you make of the Debate Adrian?

Thanks for the advice, folks, though interview focus was primarily on campaign. Over the radio the Debate sounded like, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yawn.

I am an Aussie living in Beijing and just found your blog. Interesting coincidence but it wasn't me spamming your blog. Anyway, your blog looks like a great read.

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