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So who is this schickered sheila? Go, tell us, so we can Google her too? Not a violinist by any chance? Cough it up, go on...

Now come on Adrian, who was this little lady ?
Out with it my good man, ya know ya wanna.
OK, to keep the confidance, just a clue then.......
Any clue........
Initials will do, or a brief description, or a copy of the promo card, or a finger print or a link to her DNA chain, or a photo or a name or ...........
What was she wearing, where did you pick her up, where did you drop her off, what perfume was she wearing. OH yeah, vomit, I remember that bit......
Will ya tell us if we guess right ?

Err, sorry, absolutely not going there. I must protect my reputation as a serious blogger. (believe that and you'll believe anything!)

I believe Suzie Quattro is in town???

tch shame on you Adrian, don't you know classical musicians(straights),(on 2nd thoughts maybe all musos) are above etiquette?!

She probably billed him for that vomit.

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