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So much sharper. I waited such a long time to buy my digital camera, just so the price would come down. However I don't know enough about photography to be able to do all I want with it. I wish my dad was still around to help me, he was the photographer in the family!

A nice Nokia phone to go with your new bike from Universe Cycles? Love the little product placements, they give the blog a cozy "Mornings with Kerri-Anne" or "Golden Tonsils" feel -I used to get a real laugh listening to morning AM radio in Sydney, 20 products and services slipped into the "conversation" per minute... I'm waiting for Kings Court or Pure Platinum to get a casual mention sometime soon?

I have the N95 as well Adrian. These are my thoughts on the phone. The camera is great outdoors or wherever there is some natural lighting, as such I use it as my predominant camera, however, the flash is woeful indoors and at night time which creates a blue tinge to the pictures. The 1Gb memory card is great for storage as I use my phone as a MP3 player. Coupled with bluetooth headphones and you have one convenient device without the cords (I use it in the gym). The GPS function is rubbish, it takes up to 15 minutes to reach a staellite signal (if you're lucky) although once locked on it we will track you nicely. The GPS is a novelty. The best GPS function on a phone I have seen is on the Nokia 6110 Navigator (as its name implies). Other points I like/dislike about the phone is you can use your wireless internet connection to browse the internet as it has functioning web browser (with limitations of course :)), bluetooth for data transer and the cool double sliding mechanism. You should also try to understand the operating system that the N95 uses, the Symbian S60 3rd edition, as you will be able to utilise the functions on your phone even further. With all these cool functions, the price you have to pay for it other than yor $$$ is the battery life. You will have to charge at least one a day if you want to be on the safe side. Or buy a car charger.
All in all, I think the phone is great. It has great features but don't expect to do wonders.

Product placements, hmmm. Great suggestion Goldstein, it's time to make this blog pay.

Nam, my old Nokia also used the Symbian 60 OS, so I'm familiar with the basics. It's just the bloody camera/video functions on the N95 have a myriad of adjustment settings - scene modes, flash modes, sequence mode, exposure compensation, white balance, colour tone, light sensitivity, contrast, sharpness, auto focusing...when all I want to do is point and shoot! Oh well, that's progress and I'll just have to become proficient in using the optimum settings. This imaging capacity is what sold it for me, especially video up to 30 fps.

Battery life does seem a concern but I habitually recharge every night anyway, so not too worried. Amazingly my old phone never needed a battery replacement in 3 years. Don't care for the maps or GPS or MP3, or the bar-code scanner !?

Most importantly the device is smaller and lighter than the previous one, a big factor for security in the cab. In short, a dream machine. And the icing on the cake is a cheaper spend plus finally dumping Telstra, who refuse to support the device. Clowns.

Hey Adrian

I've got a N95 and love it. Be sure to install the latest firmware on the phone. There have been significant improvements - especially to the camera software - I think the latest is

My only complaint (and a common one for N95 users) is the battery life. Make sure you disable bluetooth and wireless scanning and it can be improved somewhat. Get yourself a car charger as well :)

Iphone or N95 - N95 wins hands down on features!

Can we expect some video blogs from you now? That would be great.. You have all the tools required!

Thanks Hardman, first thing I did was update the firmware. Video blogs are coming as soon as I can work out file compression. Cheers,

what are you doing hiding in the bush near the kograh bay sailing club,i thought you where a western suberbs cabbie.

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