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Adrian, why should you feel uncomfortable because he couldn't speak English?

Any well meaning person will feel embarrassed for the other person if they're in a similar situation and one party can't understand the other, for all good intents and purposes.

It is possible to learn another language without seriously studying it - I learnt german simply by living in the country for a number of months. You do have to try though - I was constantly writing down how to say things and looking up words (and asking how you'd say stuff). The problem is a lot of people can't be stuffed. You see a lot of english speakers in other countries who just cannot be bothered learning the language, not even a little bit of it, it's tragic.

Learning German is easy - just pretend you're shouting at a dog.

It's always difficult and yeah it is an uncomfortable position to be in. I agree with Miles, you just gotta make an effort. Although having said that I have been in Scotland for 2 and a half years and sometimes I still can't understand a bloody word they're saying! I just nod and smile at them and have no clue what they've just said to me. Doesn't help when your drunk either.
Have a good weekend !

A sad story Adrian. So frustrating.

Once I had the excruciating experience of riding in a Sydney cab where the driver, though a nice lad, had not a word of English.

Taped to the steering wheel was a series of phrases in Korean script, but phonetically English. He would read from these according to what he thought the situation was. (eg, "uich ee, reputoo raito?")

He had not a hope of understanding anything except gestures. I was supposed to either find the destination in the Gregory's for him, or point in either direction as we approached an intersection.

I did glean from him that he had been in Australia 6 days.

We are well on the road to the lowest denominator here as well,or the race to the bottom.
"You show me I drive"
The Non Nationals only have to get 30% to pass the PSV test while we have to score over 80%.
We hear that social welfare will help them with the cost of the car while we get no help.
I must be a real taxi driver ...all I do is moan..

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