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Thank Taxi Driver for featuring this quality number plate on your blog site. I promise never to chat about how Tim Blair is handsome and promise next time to listen to your story and your daily issues. Have a great day drivers! Remember, Take a little break and stop revive to survive!

love 1.618

Tim Blair on Saturday is quite entertaining. I'll never look at New Castle the same way again,I enjoyed the Pasha Bulker story.
Love the number plate. Is it the golden ratio?

So I gather the "Tim Blair" who left that pitiable comment about cabbies on July 24 is not the blogger of that name, but some pathetic needle-dick sheltering behind a proxy server? Listen, poonce, best you catch the bus from now on, there are drivers in Adelaide who'd happily take you on a no-return trip to Truro...

And yes, many drivers are highly educated, and drive for a varity of reasons -family, sick spouse, uncomplicated job etc.. I happen to be a solicitor, I know plenty of guys with degrees driving -what about you, genius? Graduated from crayons to the PC recently?

I've decided to find a new love interest. Let it be known by all Taxi Drivers, I'm dumping Tim Blair, as he is away.

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