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As a Swans supporter Adrian, I hated this post for reminding me of what I saw last night. But as a footy supporter, it's nice to meet a fellow traveller.

Caring? Passionate?

Reminds me of my first All Blacks game I attended.

First, and only, time I've ever heard a drunken, at least 80-year-old woman scream "TEAR 'IS FUCKING 'EAD OFF!!!"

Life changing, I tell you.

collingwood fan? christ, i might have to stop reading daily.

as dismal as it sounds this year, go tiges!

HI ,Adrian,just seen your blog, the most religous supporter here, in Melb was delighted to see the PIES crush the swans, the poor effort by a close member of your family to take the high moral grond met with the hard reality as he hit the ground with a thud...a text msg from the northern state could only say "go Away", great to see the religous are still after the holy grail.....

great to see the religous are still after the holy grail.....

Kevin, obviously you refer to that notorious Richmond fan you Vics foisted on us in a rigged draft - George Pell. Just imagine if he did score the holy grail, would he drop the Tigers for Roma FC ?

Well as pies fans go, it was an innocuous gesture Adrian - I congratulated him and his team on a stellar performance over an opposition clearly at the top of their grand final-winning game, highlighted by Travis Cloke's remarkable accuracy in front of the big sticks. He graciously received this bit of goodwill with a closed-fist love-tap to my left temple from behind as I was on the way to the exit. It was shades on Rocca's earlier bit of diplomacy toward Dempster.

The draft is a strange place.....and sometimes a player of spectacular ability is secured, however I think that G.Pell had fumbled and droped the ball many many times before going north, somtimes you just cant see the problems untill they are in your face...........Collingwood devoties are as you say gracious people and bear no ill will to the red and white.....its just business....!

Which nephew was in the altercation? There are so many Neylans going around? Go the mighty Pies!

No way, Nephew, surely not a Pies fan. As Kev says, they're all saints.
True, Chris, there's many possibilities.

I would like to own up to being the aforementioned pie fan that dealt with young "Bruiser" Neylan. It was warranted.
Now - it would seem that their was a normally rather verbose swan fan caught up in the Neylan Stand during the game - initials LA. He didn't even call me the next day to talk about it. Claimed he only goes for Manly? Adrian - pls tell me you were gentle with him!

At least The Big LA is a true fan, following his local team through thick and thin. Unlike certain other Sydney-siders following out-of-town clubs like The Pies. Collingwood must have been good at some stage I take it?

"Bruce, what Pommy soccer team shall we follow"?

"Man Utd seem to be on top Shane".

"Right! We'll follow them".

Forest Killer

He denied following them on Sunday morning. In fact, he was waiting for August so he could again follow his beloved Red Devils.

Hi Adrian, went to the hallowed space at the "G" to see the mighty Black and White Army send the re and white back to the security of Sydney, 65 thousand fans left the "G" after a impressive entry to the business end of the season,visitors from Geelong enjoyed the trip home , with the boy from Wagga, partying on with with the lad you spent time with when you last came to Melbourne, the sun would have risen today with those two on their way to find some satisfacton at the other football code,its going off in Melbourne just as long that the Magpies dont get EI . Good luck with your projects and the security a Darling Harbour seens a bit much for a small Sunday afternoon wedding, or is it all about the Reno King from Wagga arriving in town....

I was at that game and its the supporters who make the atmosphere at the ground what it is.

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