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I bet you were glad to see the end of that fare.

To damage our environment should be a crime; to damage someone's property *is* a crime; to hurt another living human being is a crime of the worst order; but to damage a child... *shudder*

Forgive my reaction, but that bastard should be shot.

You kept him waiting an hour? Jeez, the poor bloke had to force down an extra 5 schooners...

Anthony, I had just delivered a fare to the hotel and the labourers wrongly assumed I was their booked cab.

If someone's been waiting an hour for a booked cab, I reckon that it's probably not going to come and they are perfectly entitled to climb into the first cab that shows up.

This news article sounds like it is about your passenger.

Australia to ban alcohol for Aborigines

"...Prime Minister John Howard was responding to a report last week that found sexual abuse of children to be rampant in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. The report said the abuse was fueled by endemic alcohol abuse,..."

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