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We've had this discussion recently here in Victoria also. Apparently there is a specific provision for the use of radios by truckies, etc.

It doesn't make sense... both the radios and phones can be equally distracting, but who said that laws have to make sense!

That is so ludicrous.
And, I'd suggest, misreported.
You cannot be done for a traffic infringement unless the car is moving.
Hence why I couldn't be done for not being in proper control of a motor vehicle, when I was stopped at a road-block, giving Deng Xiao Ping the finger.
(Yes, true story - I won the argument with the cop)

I recall seeing a study some time ago that suggested that hands free phones don't help, the distraction isn't pushing buttons/glancing down it is that you are concentrating on a conversation rather than on the road (don't ask me why it is different than talking to someone in the car).

If that study is correct then it is a simple choice, safety or convenience - are you prepared to die so I can receive a call telling me to get the milk right now.

I guess the police are in violation also. Along with all other emergency service vehicles.

Also, what about people smoking in their own vehicles? Gotta glance away to hit the ashtray, lighter, etc.

Following the SA Court's logic, you better not sneeze or scratch an itch.

This site (http://tinyurl.com/6g2ky)has a few papers on research on driving and phone use. The conslusion is that using a phone is the equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol at 0.08.
The Judge has made a wide sweep to come to this judgment. It will be interesting to see if it stands up to challange.
Drivers and pilots using a radio are different as they are not usually engaged in converstion more using brief words, phrases and sentnaces.
I don't use a phone while moving.


police and emergency service personel are allowed by law to use mobil phones in their vehicle if it is work related(go figure)also it is a offence for cabbies to use there computer dispatch but the police turn a blind eye to it again go figure its either illegal for all or not.

Years ago - and I reveal my age now - the electrical system of a motor vehicle would occasionally interfere with the car radio. A little device, mounted near the gizmo that winds down all your windows when you go over 100 Kph, should not be hard to manufacture and, as a sideline, how about a portable one so I can blitz the bastard who is jibbering into his/her mobile in line behind me.

This should mean that all car audio sellers, installers and manufacturing company's are bankrupt by years end. After all changing cd's or radio stations is surely illegal. Hell some car radios even come with remote controls so you don't have to reach down but they distract you and take a hand to operate.

Another question how many professional drivers drive with 2 hands on the wheel? Before you all say your meant to etc and it's how your taught think of this. Taxi drivers shifts are 12 hours long you try the (10 and 2) for even half of that. I only ever use 1 hand on the wheel unless parking or turning. Truckies are allowed to work for upto 17 hours under fatigue management laws surely no one can expect them to have two hands on the wheel constantly.

>Posted by: Aurelius | Jun 2, 2007 9:13:28 AM
>You cannot be done for a traffic infringement unless the car is moving.

I'm not sure where you are located Aurelius, but I know for a fact that here in NSW you can indeed be done for such an infringement.

I actually posted in my blog on May 30th about how ridiculous this can actually get. The person in my post was even on private property.

At the time of my entry I was unaware of Adrian's entry here, hence the point in my entry.

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