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"My passenger worked for Nova FM yet, surprisingly, was unaware of a new Aussie artist set to follow Missy Higgins as the next big thing. This is Kate Miller-Heidke,"

That is because they worked for Nova... as far as they and all other comercial networks are concerned the next big thing is someone who is already well known on stations such as jjj and whom they can play to death and claim they "discovered".

My brother is very good friends with Kate, and he assures me they are playing her on Nova here in Brisbane. Her whole new album is brilliant.

A truly awesome singer, great Aussie talent and hilarious to boot.

Thanks for sharing this.

That kid could do anything, go anywhere. Nothing like a spot of self-deprecation from one who doesn't need it among those who deserve shiploads of it. Thanks Adrian.

Nova 106.9 Brisbane plays Kate Miller-Heidke's latest track every day, sometimes several times a day.

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