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It's Axl, not Axle :)


a true taxi story told to me last week.
by woman over 70 exiting hospital after cataract surgery.
who was supposed to get a taxi home: East Melbourne to Balwyn.

"when I came out all the drivers waiting were foreign and I just could not make myself get in with any of them, so I got a tram."

Old ladies are frightened of being alone outside their homes with men who are not Anglo color.

The entire "WE are One, We are Australian" advertising campaign was money wasted on them.

... and she probably would not have got in a cab with a driver who looked like Axl Rose either.

True, Steve, but I prefer 'Axle', the shaft upon which the Gunners rotate.

There are quite a few rock stars I owe a pint to when I meet them in a pub, Axl isn't one of them though

hi mate as another backpain sutherer,reformed,i hate to hear of someone suffereing especially as a cabby _done it!!can i suggest two excellent remedies you may not have heard of( the first took me from a disability pension to building asuccessful lawnmowing round)have a look for a site under (neural organisation technique trevor savage )he can direct you to a therapist in sydney etc who does the work .it takes one or two sessions only. the other thing i have come accross since is a machine called a scenar which is great for removing pain. tyhe NOT therapy stopped most of it ,but left behing dull aches the scenar took that away as well

adrian you need to get out of a tcs and into a manly cab,sunday nite was busy over here i even did 3 runs to the airport with after one getting a qantas return to the northern beach's.cheers from manly cabbie

Years ago, I found myself living in the same neighborhood as G n R. In fact, Axle wrote a song about a friend of mine, Michelle, entitled "My Michelle" that is on their first CD.
I didn't realize they were still playing...

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