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Publishers don't care about bloggers because publishers don't see bloggers as a source of income.

Bloggers already have a marketing organ (their blog)and self publishing is simplified and affordable by anyone due to modern technology - digital printing and the internet - where you don't have to print a copy of your book until after it's been sold.

Personal book publishing:

le345.., I dunno, publishers are always on the lookout for new authors and consider weblogs another source of new material, hence potential income. They all want to find the next J.K. Rowling.

Whilst the advent of self-publishing is a viable option for new writers, ultimately the vast majority of these books live or die on whether they're picked up by mainstream publishers. Their marketing power still far outweighs that of most self publishers and bloggers.

No, I wonder if there's a certain haughtiness at play when the organisers of a writers' festival totally ignore the new kid on their block - weblogs.

Sam de Brito, Australia's largest blogger? Big statement -- what's he weigh?

Slatts, you confirm what I've long believed: most bloggers are sorely in need of an editor.

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