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Adrian, I sent you an email asking about an interview. I'm sure you get a lot of email, but it'd be great if you could read mine and get back to me either way. Thanks

Tim, check your email.

Adrian I have heard of a group of drivers who work crazy hours ... I'm not one of them. Given the choice I'd rather be broke than dead, at least I'd still be in with a chance.

BTW did you notice the reference by the ignorant reporter regarding drivers working their whole week in 2 nights ?? Hmmm sounds like the peak period owners who are only allowed on the road 2 nights a week. They really need to check facts before sending things off to print.

Sydney cab drivers are great!

I had a Perth cabbie in my taxi a month or so back. He only worked on the weekend, he said, and made $1500.

I couldn't do that here in Canberra without working extra long shifts. Sure, it's OK for a while, but at the end, you're running on nerves and caffeine, fighting off microsleeps, and prone to making errors.

It only takes a misreading of an intersection, a missed stop sign, a kangaroo coming out of nowhere, and you're history.

It's not worth getting to the stage that driving is a gamble.

i just did 4 semi's wen to sat 4 x 18 hour shifts in sydney made a shit load don't know if it was because of the bad weather in sydney the last week or what but gee there was some money to be made.problem is in sydney is that because of the money in taxi driving at the moment its hard for a casual driver to get a shift most base's have no cars avaible 6 months ago i could ring one of the base's and have a choice of cars now most say they have all there cars with drivers,i was lucky to get the last shifts a driver went sick for the week and i rang at the right time.love the blog adrian you always hit the nail on the head.

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