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One of our drivers is from the old USSR. He was a medical doctor in the Ukraine, near the Chernobyl nuclear plant. He was there when it went "Ka-puff". His credentials have no reciprocity in the US. He drives cab. He is happy to be away from Russia but is not a happy person.

I'm getting old - 42 I find your type size is hard to read..

I just arrived home by cab now. Turkish driver about 50+. We got to chatting about current politics in Turkey, Sunnis, Shia, Sufis, military and elections. His parents came here 15 years before him. He arrived in 89. Had a Marketing Degree in Turkey, kebab shop in Melbourne now taxis.

Knew the way here. Had a heavy accent, espoused a strong view about separation of church and state.

I always give thanks when I don't get a fat fuck of a skip with body odour and limited brainpower who wants to talk football and whinge about new arrivals and women.

"they should just tip more."

I'll second that.


I've been enjoying your adventures, and have been inspired to record some of my own. I'm a rookie hack in a bedroom community to Ottawa, ON., Canada, the town of Carleton Place. Have a look...and link me if you like it!


Bob, sorry for the text size. Adjust it in your browser to suit, via 'text size' option.

No worries Cabhack, you've a well written blog, consider yourself linked.

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