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I'd actually ask why is a man of peace being escorted by someone who snaps at the drop of a hat? then I'd ask why the man of peace didn't direct him to apologise.

Are you around today mate? Could you give me a call, I've emailed you my mobile number.


If you forget the Middle Eastern part of this little drama it shows how pathetically defensive we all are about ourselves. He's a rude bastard, yes, but he doesn't see that. What he sees is somebody working behind a coffee machine giving respect to other customers but not to him. He thought he was just placing an order like everybody else but for some reason, probably to do with his religion, he's treated like sh**. You can work it up into some kind of political drama but is it ?

It may be religion or race but again (as the pregnant passenger said) it all comes down to respect. Thankfully the barista had enough self respect to stand up for herself - and send the lowlife packing....

What an arsehole!
I don't care what religion people are, or where they come from, or how rich they are, or what gender they are, everyone deserves respect.

I tend to have a startled reaction when something like that happens. You, know, like spinning rapidly in my seat and accidently hitting him in the cajones with my elbow and then accidently spilling my cup of scalding hot coffee all over his chest.

So sorry, mate.


And the moral of the story is, some people are rude dickheads.

that guy is so rude. plus, he even pins the rudeness on someone else. *shakes head*

Actually, I'm with Bazz on this one. The man had given his order, rudely, but I also think the barista's response was unnecessarily provocative. She could roll her eyes or raise her eyebrow for your benefit as much as she liked (well, within reason), but she didn't need to pick a fight with him about it.

Another aspect of this is that, if you are taking this story as an emblematic story of bad behaviour by a man of middle-eastern behaviour, is it surprising that he might simultaneously be experiencing it as an emblematic incident of disrespectful treatment to customers of middle-eastern behaviour? This is the double bind where the behaviour of people in minority groups is always attributed to their membership of the minority group (I think you hedge your bets about doing that expressly in your post, but I it is still there in the juxtaposition with the opening gambit) and where equally, people in minority groups will then sheet any treatment they don't like to the fact that they are a member of such a group.

All the same, next time I try to place an order while some service person is having a chat with a lingering customer about the service person's car, I'll look round very carefully to see if you are there, and I'll be extra extra polite to youse all.

Why am I not surprised to hear about Middle Eastern men behaving in an arrogant, rude and threatening manner?

The woman was not disrespectful, the man was, to the barista and all the other customers..

MarcelProust, I disagree with your statements.

The "customer" in this case was out of order, by a country mile. He kicked things off in a proactive manner, then became enraged when he got a bit of his own back.

Serving staff are in no way obliged to put up with rudeness or ill-treatment from members of the public. Nor are they obliged to have to "cop it sweet".

I wonder would the rude customer have behaved in the same manner if the barista giving him return fire was a heavily tattooed & beefy motorcycle gang member?

Bit late I know - but I've been offline for over a month...

Black, white or brindle - Mulim, Catholic or Atheist. Rude is rude - it doesn't care what culture or belief you wrap yourself up in.

For every rude Muslim man who makes the daily rags and internet - there's a polite Muslim man out there just going about his business - being a kind a pleasant member of our society.

I've met many of them - and I'm glad of it... there are plenty of d@#$heads out there - let's not immortalise them by remembering their bulldust behaviours - nor insult their cultures by associating them with their beliefs... a wanker is a wanker - nothing more nothing less - and not one of them is worth squawking about!

Shame really... ;-)

Unlike you, Belongam, I have not only 'met many of them' but lived in their countries, known people who've married into their families, and penetrated their Jekyll and Hyde routine - gentle one minute, ferocious savages (not just rude) the next.

But why should I have to say that? Who appointed you thought police? Since when was any two groups of people exactly 'equal' in some mysterious balancing way, as you imply?

Get off your pulpit and let people speak for themselves.

Fair call Bruce... they are your experiences after all - and they belong to you.

Maybe what I've done is simply 'miscommunicated'. It was late and my brain was only half on. My experience is all too many people are marked by THEIR CULTURE first, as opposed to checking them on their INDIVIDUAL behaviour.

Often the culture component get's the blame - not the rude individual, and often - people hide behind their culture, using it as an excuse to behave badly.

Countries and societies that don't have the luxury of developing nice polite behaviour due to a dominant extremist culture or society - won't necessarily have all the polite norms we (here in Oz) 'might' expect of each other.

You've hinted that you've lived and experienced these societies... but did you measure them (at that time) from their perspective (in that particular country) - or from your Australian one?

Don't know if my commenting thus though is actually me being a thought copper - simply expressing an opinion - but there ya go mate. My experience with wankers though... well - aren't ALL wankers equal mate???

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