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Better out than in!

In both cases - the cab and her....

Completely O/T Adrian, but do many drivers use these in-car GPS thingies that tell you how to get from point A to point B?

Are they any good?

Back on topic, I have been in a cab that a previous passenger had vomited in, and despite being assured that it had been thoroughly cleaned, there was still a nasty smell lingering. I only had a short trip, I wouldn't have liked to spend a shift living with the pong. Hard to understand why the driver in your tale didn't stop. Last thing I would want is chunder in the cab.

It's curious all right.

"I had no choice but to use an X-ray envelope..."

I assume she chucked into it. The envelopes are pretty big so why is there a cleaning charge?

Very reasonable clean-up fee. Up here, it's $70. Having redecorated the interior of a cab in the past, I can confirm that it is worth EVERY BLOODY CENT.

Dang. We charge $50 (US). I thought that was a rip-off. I just bring the cab home, eat some supper and let the dog lick up the mess.

Of course you didn't make it clear whether she was puking or crapping. "Sick" means different things to different people.

I do suspect that the lawyer husband had a hand in releasing the story to the press, and the cabby's side of the story would shed significant light onto the lingering questions.

I also doubt (or can't imagine if you prefer) that a cab driver refused to pull over for a puker.

Fifty bucks in Canberra, and considering the hassle, the smell, and the amount of time the cab is off the road, it barely begins to cover the cost. Chances are that it will happen on a busy night, too.

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