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Please keep the larger font option, it will be especially handy if I don't have my glasses

Y'know, as a bloke with little else to do, I read a lot of blogs every morning and yet I always leave yours 'till last, heres's why - As I trawl through the blogosphere (what an awful name for something) I get the views of Lefties who want to socialise everything and the Righties who want to shoot everything and all the shades in between, until I wonder if there's any normal blokes out there. Blokes who get up, go to work, come home, relax, pay taxes and - above all - live at grassroots level. Thanks.

Please keep the larger font!

Is it just me who now wants to know what the "lunch box" incident was??

Options are always good. I say keep it.

I too am curious about the "lunch box" incident!

Ah are obviously not up on aussie vernacular. The term "to open one's lunchbox" refers to the passing of wind by a person. Can be heard at lunchtimes (or any other time really), mainly spoken by males.

An example is, upon entering a place with a distasteful smell, the male says "Geez, who opened their lunchbox?".

There you go.

G'day, I've just spent the past 3 days or so reading all your "On the job" posts from the beginning - and due to my monitors rather large resolution, I had to enlarge the font for every post (it was worth it though!). Pressing ctrl and scrolling the mouse works best for me, easier/faster than clicking the link. For me the best improvement would be to fix the layout - currently you have a fixed width column, so viewing your blog at a high resolution, the blue sides take up > 50% of my screen!

Anyway thanks for the great stories - I hardly ever ride in taxis (I reckon I've been in only 2-3 in my whole life), so found them particularly interesting.

There is another meaning to 'lunchbox'. When one vomits, you are said to have dropped your lunchbox.
I hope for Adrian's sake that they only opened it without spilling anything.

actually, Adrian, there's a function in every browser that allows ppl to increase/decrease text size regardless. or shortcut keys are "CTRL++" to increase, or "CTRL+-" to decrease (for PC users).

so if u don't want to trouble urself with having that. tell them to learn to use their browser functions. ^_~

mac users have the same functionality, hold command and press + or -

easy peasy.

I usually "CNTL - SCROLL" but I like this button. Keep it.

Ya can lern orl sortsa stuff here. U lota smart.
'Tis a good read too. Tar muchly Adrian and orl U uva ppl.

Okay folks, the font option stays. Thank you, and enkew; champion.

Err, the 'lunchbox' reference is purely literal, neither vulgar or salacious, but simply to help said passenger identify herself.

That's fine for ole bung-eyes here.

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