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"He shrugged and lamely offered, "They just phone up the price, what can we do ?", and handing me the receipt he closed the till. Huh ?"

You may think this was a lame excuse but it is 100% true, every week the price jumps up 10+ cents and then gradually works its was back down over the week usually around 1c at a time. So next time you feel the urge to say something to the guy at th counter just remeber not only do does he (she) have no control, he cares very little about your complaint. (this isn't directed stright at you Adrian, just a genral comment)

I should know, I worked in a service station for 6 years.

I like to wait until the driver sorts out the change before waving it off. But I'm not just being a bastard. Quite often the driver will take an inordinate amount of time to count the coins - possibly he's a moron, but more likely he wants you to give up on your change.

The difference is that a cab trip is more personal - therefore we are less likely to worry about the coins. The purchase of fuel is impersonal and the coins won't be going into the back pocket of the console operator. Who ever lets Wollies or Coles get away with an extra 20c when you don't have to? Yet I'm more than happy to not trouble my friendly cabbie with the hassle of sorting out silver...

Once cabbies in Australia were noted for rounding down the fare. Announcing a meter of $11.20 as "Ten Bucks'll do it mate" about a block & a half from the destination.

Never seems to happen to me anymore. The change began about the time of GST introduction.

In our former business in Katoomba, the punters stopped spending for a year back in '05. It sent everyone broke. But the Japanese were like the canaries in the coal mine - they usually were pretty free with their money, so when they started counting their change it was time to worry.

Strange but True. I am Aussie that has just returned from Japan where I stayed for a mth. I was surprised to find over there that they do not tip, in fact it is seen as an insult to a Japanese cabbie to think that they are not paid enough for their service that one would need to give them extra. In fact they are insistant with giving you your change.

Agree with Mack - I've had a Japanese cabbie get out to hand back my change. Sticklers for protocol =)

Your Japanese business man customer was not being 'tight' by asking for his 10 cents change. It should not even be laughable that he would ask for it because this is part of his culture. If you leave a tip in Japan, they will most likely run out onto the street after you because they think you have forgotten your change!!!

I took a asian couple from Brisbane to the Gold Coast a few years ago. I carried their luggage from the hotel to the taxi,gave them a smooth informative ride and then carried their bags into the hotel.The fare was $99 and he handed over two $50's and held out his hand for the dollar.I think he was just being tight.

A lot of what you've talked about here cultural.

I've had some very pleasant experiences with cabbies rounding fares down (last week in Sydney, the meter read $32.80, but the driver handed me back a $20 from $50).

I'll round the price down. If it's something like $18.25, and the passenger is a bloke, I'll say, "Arrr, just make that eighteen dollars, please."

Half the time, they'll hand me a twenty and say, "That'll be fine."

I did that all night on sunday and got a lot off tips.....cabbiekarma

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