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Drives a taxi for money eh? As opposed to driving a taxi in return for little bit flour, sugar and tea?

Wonder what my chances are of scoring him as driver this morning? Should be lively conversation on the journey, alas Cairns rides are all so short.

Fly undone? My nightmare, I still check it 3-4 times as I leave the house to be sure, but now I'm getting on a bit I shouldn't be so worried. Do you remember that really old science teacher at DLS who would forget to button his fly? He must have been nearly 70, came out of retirement, had a strong American accent.

Sorry, wrong signature.

Master beclowner? Tim Blair?

Well, I suppose he's just a tad more amusing than Himmler or Goebbels but, politically, he's on a par with them.

Sorry for the delay Bruce, but that teacher may have been K. Grantham, according to my 1970 Yearbook. However it's only a guess and can't recall him teaching my class.

Come on, Adrian, Mr.Law knew exactly what he was doing in requesting help from Mr. Blair's readers. They are, after all, as predictable as each other (perhaps I should insert the words "leftoid" and "right-wing fascist" at this point). Of much more interest is your unfortunate trip to the supermarket. I hope the poor young lady at the counter didn't cop an eyeful.

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