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Why is it that being cordial is taken as an invitation for "more"???

Happens to me also. And I am an ugly S.O.B.

Adrian I really worry for you, you seem to have such a lax attitude to people who don't pay, that you're "happy to get rid of". Don't you worry this makes you a target for people that don't pay? I'd be spewing if I didn't get paid for something I had worked for!!!

True Wil, he was a morbid and pushy bastard, I should have ignored him.

Dataceptionist, this occurs every few weeks, or every two hundred fares. With weirdos the most important thing is to get them out of your life. In which case the magic, non-confrontational phrase is, "No charge". Short and sweet, whilst a regular fare waits nearby with clean money.

Putting the fifty on the dashboard I took off
When he refused to take the fifty, I insisted

I find your attitude difficult to understand. You get the money for the fare and then not only do you leave it in plain sight and open to being taken back, you then "insist" he takes it and drive off!

Maybe it's my strange way of seeing things but the deposit on any fare goes straight out of sight into my shirt pocket, should proof of taking be asked for I will print the pax a receipt. I give my word vehemently that any change owing will be given at completion of the job. I tell them "I don't want to rip you off, I just want what's rightfully mine"

Lastly and this is a bit longer than I intended but plenty of cabbie's have driven off on fares without getting paid but giving the money back I've never heard that before.

Then again the guy was obviously a fag so who can blame you for wanting rid of him at the first available opportunity?

I fully understand your point Becker and ostensibly, that is how it should be. However I wanted him gone as I judged his 'dodgy' money was simply not worth any risks.

When dealing with weirdos anything is liable to happen, in an instant. They're cunning, erratic and create disputes.

The last thing needed in a dispute is for a passenger to suddenly snatch/grapple for money on my person, causing an unpredictable and unnecessary physical confrontation. Especially with my shirt pocket carrying an expensive cam/phone and a bunch of notes. For 15 bucks ? Forget it.

A tip - just get the f...ers out of your life ASAP and get to the next job. That way you'll avoid expensive down-time in police stations, courts and/or hospitals.

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